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Before You Whiten Your Teeth

There are some simple things that you should do before you begin to whiten your teeth. It is important to prepare your teeth for whitening treatments. 

You visit your hygienist and address any areas of sensitivity before your tooth whitening treatment.

This is because whitening your teeth can cause greater sensitivity during treatment. Plus, professionally cleaned teeth can respond better to treatment.

Will the treatment whiten all of my teeth?

Tooth whitening only whitens natural teeth, meaning fillings and crowns will remain the same color. So, tooth whitening needs to be done in conjuncture with other dental treatments for it to be most effective. 

What about tooth whitening kits available over the internet?

You need to go to your dentist or dental hygienist to feel confident that you are receiving the legal dosage of bleach. Too much bleach can seriously damage your teeth, and for this reason, tooth whitening can only be performed by a General Dental Council clinician that has attended specialized training. Search the GDC register here.

You don’t want to risk burning your gums with unregulated bleach. Plus, a trained clinician will take an impression of your teeth and create a clear tray for whitening. Your teeth must fit inside your whitening tray snugly; otherwise, the treatment is compromised. 

How long will my bright smile last?

Around two to three years, but you can top up your treatments endlessly! It really depends on the foods and drinks you consume. Tea, red wine, turmeric, and coffee are known, tooth-staining culprits. However, just rinse your mouth with water after reasonably consuming these, and you should be fine.

Your dental hygienist or dentist would be happy to answer your questions and prepare your teeth for whitening treatments. 

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We hope this finds you healthy and happy,

Team Heff


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