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Dentists & Hygienists

Invented by Dentists for Dentists

Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints were created by two leading UK dentists who have a passion for improving dental and oral health for everyone – be they young or old. 

As clinicians, they were always looking for new ways to get their patients to take better care of their teeth and mouths. Prevention and ideally not cure being the key.

Many of their patients reluctantly confessed to only brushing their teeth once a day or less and they realised that the answer to improving everyone’s teeth and mouths was not just better brushing, but enabling everyone to care for their teeth and mouths throughout the day  – but without thinking about it.

And this is where the idea to create a mint that was actually good for your teeth and mouths was born. 

Millions of us carry a packet of mints around with us every day, but the cumulative effect of all that sugar has a major impact on the health of someone’s teeth and mouth. 

Scientifically Proven to Work 

When Dr Toby and Dr Mike started to create a mint that was actually good for you, they both knew that the product had to stand up to critical evidence base standards. The mint had to offer evidence-based benefits for other clinicians to take the product seriously and to decide to stock the mints and sell them to their patients. To that end, we not only used existing studies: 

We did some research ourselves

The key finding from the research confirmed that daily consumption of Dr. Heff’s mints helps:

Prevent tooth decay

Prevents dry mouths

Could help to prevent tooth erosion 

We are delighted to share The Science Behind Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints – 2021– the mints which fight plaque, neutralise acids, remineralise teeth and freshen breath – the only mint to reverse tooth decay, scientifically tested.  They also taste great, freshen breath and are an ideal ‘on the go’ preventative oral health supplement

Stock Dr. Heff’s today

As a dentist, you are likely to already have a range of products that you offer your patients – from a range of interdental brushes to tape and the latest hand brushes that help your elderly patient keep their implants disease-free.

Our ambition is that Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints are also added to your list of ‘dentist recommended’ products. 

Not only is it a great impulse buy at the reception desk, they can also act as a reward or a treat for your younger patients who might find a visit to the dentist a bit scary.

How to order your Dr. Heffs mints

We are delighted that Dr. Heff’s mints are already stocked by CTS. So make sure you add them to your next order!

If you use a different wholesaler, then please get in touch with us and we will speak to them to try and get Dr. Heff’s on their product listings.

Failing that you can always order from us direct with a trade discount, simply set an account up with us and we will take your order and deliver them straight to your door.

Sell Dr Heffs in your practice now