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One-in-three pharmacy customers are looking for help with their oral care.

You and your colleagues are ideally placed to inform and advise them. You have the benefit of knowing the medical history of your patients, know who will be at risk of dental decay and who may be suffering from a dry mouth. 

However, consumer research conducted by Dr Heff’s in 2019 (sample size over 3,500 UK adults) found out that about 70% of people in ALL age categories found the concept of Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ appealing!!!  

We appreciate that understanding what core range to stock in the oral care section of the OTC section of the store is no easy task. Having the right product range of toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouth care products can be a difficult selection job.

What criteria are you using when deciding which products to stock?

Dentists are often frustrated that the products they want to see bought by consumers are not sold in pharmacy stores.

Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ have been invented by two UK dentists.  Their mission is to give consumers ‘protection in their pocket all day everyday’.  Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints are the only mints in the world scientifically tested to reverse tooth decay and tooth erosion.  They are also the only mint in the world to be accredited by ‘Toothfriendly International’.   No other mints have this amount of evidence behind them.

Our ‘Remarkable Mints’ are suitable for adults of all ages, and for children above the age of 3 years.  They also taste great.  And obviously, being invented by dentists, they have no sugar in them at all.  The mints are made out of only 5 ingredients including green tea extract, xylitol and calcium phosphate. 

The products come in packs of 30, in recyclable packaging.  Each ‘doypack’ is about the size of a pack of cards, ideal to carry around in a pocket or handbag.

They make great products to sell by your counter/til area…they will be a fantastic ‘impulse’ purchase by consumers and they are priced extremely competitively (RRP of £3.49 per pack), with good margins for you.  We are sure once your customers try them, they will return frequently to ‘top up’ and repeat purchase.

Finally, remember that most diseases enter the body through the mouth…so good oral health helps improve peoples’ overall health.

Contact us today on [email protected] or 07494 893656 to find out more.  Our website is www.drheffs.local







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