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Health Hero Interview With Dental Hygienist Rochelle Fodi

Rochelle Fodi is a Dental Hygienist who has practiced in a periodontal specialty setting for 40 years – a true health hero!

She is licensed in Pennsylvania to administer anesthesia as a public health practitioner and emergency medical technician. Fodi has also practiced in Maine and South Carolina. In addition, she is a former clinical instructor at Northampton Community College. Her interview provides us with advice and insight. She’s a big fan of Dr. Heff’s, and we are grateful! Thank you for your time, Rochelle!

Here is her interview:  

We understand there are different standards of care within the Covid protocol, and it would be great to learn about your particular method. So, how have you been coping with Covid?

PRE-RINSE is definite; ( nothing new-as I have been advising for 2 decades). Also, always consider a shield (level-3/KN 95) mask, cap/gown, increased air circulation w/Vaccination.

In the UK, many dental hygienists are still hand scaling – do your patients feel they are getting the benefits of hygiene therapy, or should we all be ultrasonic?

YES~ I use Cavitron! Never stopped~Ultrasonic is a definite benefit (especially for Perio patients)-followed with detailed hand scale, and incorporate GBT for outstanding results.  Cavitron therapy was designed for improved biofilm/tartar removal; I do not wish to revert to the 1950’s practice of hand scale.

What is the best way your practice has integrated your skills to assist the patients and your working environment?

Nothing has changed; the RDH is the first channel to identify pathology; educate on oral hygiene routines, and inform patients of “how” restorative procedures are performed.

Please, take me through a patient’s journey that has moved you and explain your part in it.

When I noticed-Periodontal refractory patients improved status after incorporating Xylitol/ calcium phosphates into their oral health routine~ it was a true epiphany! I was thrilled to find a pleasant-super easy adjunct with amazing benefits-that is when I researched the Web and found DR HEFFS!

Should dental hygienists have dental nurses? Are you working with a dental assistant, and how has that changed your system?

Yes! That would be awesome, as it would be productive to use the hygienist for procedures and education; rather than house cleaning.

Is there anything you would alter or add to the training pathway?

Incorporate time management and specialty skills in Periodontics. I was blessed to start with a Periodontist who had me do root planning after he “flapped” the quadrant to expose bone; awesome training experience.  

Dental hygienists appreciate the benefits of guided biofilm therapy – can you explain your favorite long-term change from this process?

I have been using Prohy-jet (a similar technique) since 1984! The patients recognized how it improved their condition and would request the procedure at every appointment. This should be incorporated as a standard treatment for all cleaning /maintenance.

Do you think long-term use of agents such as chlorhexidine harms the oral microbiome?  

The use of all Natural and minimally invasive therapy (w/ No chemical agents) is now being researched and “proven” to show results.  I feel chemical prescribed agents should be used only in extreme acute circumstances with pain and infection activity.

Do you think that the oral bacteria can travel through the placenta of a pregnant mother? What do you think the implications of this would be?  

I have not read any study of this topic; however, considering drugs and diseases may pass, yes, I suspect that oral bacteria may as well.

Where do you see the future of dental hygienist therapy?  

Oral hygiene is finally being implemented in Pre-hospital consideration; (cancer treatment and prosthetic joint/heart replacement).  I have a crusade to inform elderly care home facilities of the unbelievable benefits that will improve overall health by using natural products of xylitol and calcium phosphates.

Lastly, a cheeky final question – do you recommend Dr. Heff’s?! 

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Words cannot inform of the magnificent improvement I witnessed with my patients; after they routinely used this all Natural and extremely Pleasant adjunct in their oral hygiene routine. As a hygienist~ you will be shocked~ after long-term assessment of patients- to find lower plaque indices, reduced bleeding activity, improved tissue integrity, and less sensitivity of teeth-as well! …After you have experienced the “OH WOW!” Moment ~ you will join the crusade to educate your patients of this revolutionary new product/concept. AND… wait until you hear the response from the Patients! They LOVE IT!   Thank you, Rochelle! You are a star!  

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