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Are There Any Fluoride Substitutes?

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral in your bones and teeth. It’s naturally found in water, soil, plants, rocks, and air. It’s most commonly used in dentistry. You’ve probably heard us talk about it before. It strengthens the outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, and and prevents tooth decay from happening.

Are there any Fluoride substitutes?

Watch Dr Mike Heffernan explain what alternatives there are to Fluoride. 

Yes definitely. If you don’t want to use fluoride, you can do the following:

Be very good at cleaning your teeth because then you're removing the bacteria that are harmful and causing decay.

Avoid sugary foods and carbohydrates that allow the bacteria to grow and break down the tooth.

Go see your dentist or hygienist and they can give you advice on how to look after your teeth.

Use xylitol - a natural sugar replacement that reverses tooth decay

Dr Heff's 'Remarkable Mints' contain Xylitol but also Calcium Phosphate and Green tea. These additional ingredients alongside xylitol are especially effective in reversing tooth decay.

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