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COVID-19 has led to estimated 19 million missed dental visits

At Dr Heff’s we are passionate about oral health. In our eyes (and for your mouths), prevention is key. 

In a recent article published on Dentistry.co.uk, it said that the “COVID-19 pandemic has led to estimated 19 million missed dental visits.” 

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives, including the dental health of the nation. Adults and children are not able to get the appointments and treatments that they so desperately need. 

When lockdown was announced, with an uncertain horizon ahead of them, our co-founders, Dr Mike Heffernan and Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn, gave their patients some advice:

  1. 1. Keep their teeth sparkling clean.
  2. 2. Use increased amounts of fluoride.
  3. 3. Eat nutritious and less sugary and acidic food. 


At the practice of our co-founder, Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn, he focused on preventative care. “We’ve pushed prevention, and patients have come back with very few problems because they’re looking after their teeth.”

With Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints, you have prevention in your pocket. It is the only mint in the world scientifically tested to reverse tooth decay.