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Natural sugars are fine, aren’t they?

From the dentistry desk of Toby Edwards-Lunn
Dentist, BDS (London) 2000, MFDSRCS (England) 2005,
Founder of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints

1st October 2020

Toby Edwards-Lunn

A patient visited our practice this week and joyfully said she had cut out virtually all refined sugars from her diet….

She felt that by only eating natural sugars (in fruit etc) her teeth would improve significantly.

While on the one hand I wanted to congratulate her – and many like her – for cutting down, or eliminating entirely, refined sugars. Fruit also contains water, vitamins and fibre (all are very important for the human body). But natural sugars can be damaging to the teeth.

Take grapes, for example. They taste great, they’re healthy (part of one’s 5 a day) and easy to eat ‘on the go’. An ideal healthy snack, no? Almost a ‘healthy fast food’

Well yes and no. Certainly grapes are far better for us than confectionery or biscuits, for the reasons stated above.

But certain fruits – and grapes in particular – taste great because they have lots of natural sugars in them. And acid. It is these acids and natural sugars which can cause damage to teeth, and therefore weaken our first line of defense in the battle to protect ourselves from disease and infection.

Cherries and pears can also contain quite high levels of natural sugars.

So my advice is…. carry on with the healthy snacking… but recognise that many perceived healthy snacks (e.g fruit) can contain lots of natural sugars and acids. We invented Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ to help consumers maintain great oral health through the day. Brushing twice a day is very important.

Dr Heff’s mints can complement this by keeping teeth clean in between brushing – and whenever you snack (or of course, have lunch – very few people brush their teeth after lunch) to help neutralise the acids and reduce the harmful plaque.