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Research from Dr Heff’s reveals new consumer habits

At Dr Heff’s, we are always keen to understand what the nation does and think. One of the best ways of being alert to emerging trends is through the use of consumer surveys.

In May 2020, Dr Heff’s commissioned a piece of research, which produced a number of interesting findings. The nation was in ‘Lockdown 1.0’ during May 2020, and this led to new habits being formed. What no-one knew was to what extent these new habits were becoming habits. Here are just two findings from our survey.

Key findings

56% of the UK adult population (that’s about 30 million people) said their consumption of chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks (including alcohol) had increased during lockdown.

One third of all UK adults said they would visit their dentist less often once lockdown was over.

What do Toby and Mike think?

‘We’re not here to judge anyone, particularly through a pandemic. On the issue of chocolate consumption, we understand it is an affordable luxury and people needed a pick-me-up. If people were asking for our advice, it would be to try to reduce sugar consumption as much as possible. Better still, try sugar free alternatives. Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ give you that sugar hit without the sugar and in turn they do your mouth a huge favour!’

On the second point, Toby is at pains to say that dental practices are safe places to visit. An article in City A.M newspaper highlights this:

'A dental practice is one of the cleanest, most sterile places you can be.'

'Standard pre-Covid precautions used by dentists across the world far exceed many of today’s “Covid-secure” requirements.'

Oral health is still very important

The article goes on to point out that dentistry, and dental hygiene, should not be relegated in importance while focus is on the pandemic. In fact, quite the opposite should be happening. It is impossible to view oral health as separate to the rest of the body. There is growing evidence that oral health is linked to the severity of Covid symptoms when infected. By neglecting our dentists, we could be creating a weak link in the nation’s health defences.

Hand and oral hygiene

Many medical experts now believe that the Government’s advice for great hand hygiene should be extended to ‘great hand and oral hygiene’.

If you are avoiding going to the dentist (for any reason) there is lots of great advice to keep your oral health in tip top condition. There is a lot of information on our website. Remember, your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body – your gums and teeth are the first line of defence against disease and bacteria. 

Toby and Mike invented Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mint’ to help repair the nation’s teeth ‘on the go’, because ‘prevention is far preferable than cure’ when it comes to oral health.

Contact us if you’d like to see the full set of results – we will reveal more of our findings over the coming weeks.