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Three Reasons Why You Need a Regular Dental Supplement

Tooth decay is the most common disease in the world, affecting 3.5bn people globally each year, and is preventable in most cases.

Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ is a dental supplement. Invented by two UK dentists, Dr Mike Heffernan and Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn. They wanted to find an ‘on-the-go’ oral healthcare solution. They would act as prevention in your pocket against tooth decay, and so, Dr Heff's 'Remarkable Mints' was born.

There are three active ingredients in Dr Heff's 'Remarkable Mints'. There is a lot of scientific evidence to show they are beneficial in reversing tooth decay and freshening breath. The unique and patented combination of these ingredients creates a ‘remarkable’ outcome – hence Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ - and answers a long-standing problem in dental care; how to bring tooth care out of the bathroom in an enjoyable way.

Why do you need a regular dental supplement?

Reason #1: Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables. Your teeth rely on essential minerals. When they lose these minerals, it can be the first sign of decay. Luckily, in the early stages of decay, minerals can be replaced and the tooth repaired in a process called 'remineralisation'. Our mints use xylitol instead of sugar to help remineralise your teeth and neutralise plaque acids, making it harder for harmful bacteria to stick to your teeth.

Reason #2: Green Tea Extract 

Green tea extract protects collagen, which is an essential part of your teeth. Scientists have discovered that a component of green tea called epigallocatechin gallate (eGCG) protects your teeth by inhibiting the enzymes that break down collagen. Green tea extract also has antimicrobial properties which help to combat bad breath. For Dr. Heff’s mints, we use a green tea extract that contains no caffeine, so everyone can enjoy its health benefits.

Reason #3: Calcium Phosphate

Calcium and phosphate are important parts of the building blocks from which your teeth and bones are built. As the surface of your teeth is attacked by bacteria, the calcium and phosphate building blocks are stripped away. That’s why we include calcium phosphate in our unique formula. It helps to repair teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay through the process called remineralisation.

Backed up by science

Scientific Research of Combined Ingredients in Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ has been carried out at:

  • School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton, UK
  • Dental School at University of Illinois, USA
  • Toothfriendly International at University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • The School of Biosciences at The University of Birmingham

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What Makes Remarkable Mints’ Remarkable?

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