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An entirely preventable disease..

Do you know what is the world’s most common disease? It’s probably not what you think…

Clue:  It affects 3.5bn people per annum

Answer:  Tooth decay 

Reason to be Optimistic:  It’s entirely preventable.  (There aren’t many diseases that are entirely preventable)

Tooth decay is the number one cause why children are taken to A&E (Accident & Emergency hospital wards) and for undergoing emergency operations under general anaesthetic. These staggering facts are compounded by the fact that the disease is entirely preventable – meaning no one has to suffer tooth decay or erosion if they follow guidelines set out by dentists through their lives.  As Toby Edwards-Lunn, an Eastbourne based dentist, and co-founder of Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ says – ‘it’s all about habits.  If people get into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day from childhood, which removes the build-up of plaque, and they continue these habits throughout their life-time (which includes annual dentist check-up visits) then we as a nation wouldn’t have to fear the ‘dreaded visit to the dentist for major treatment’.

While Toby and Mike Heffernan created and launched ‘Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints’ a few years ago, they are keen to point out that their mints – which are the only mints in the world to be scientifically tested to help reverse tooth decay – aren’t the sole solution to great oral health.  A bit like a person’s lifestyle, focusing on just one element doesn’t usually produce great results.  A person who runs three times a week but smokes most days isn’t going to be in the greatest health.  And the same goes for oral health too. Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ are fantastic for neutralising acids caused by plaque, repairing teeth by ‘remineralisation’…but Mike explains: ‘there are a whole host of things we can all do each day to help prevent tooth decay or erosion…from understanding the impact certain foods and drinks are going to have on our bodies…to maintaining great hygiene….to brushing twice a day….’

Both dentists reinforce ‘prevention is better than cure’, particularly in oral health. The costs involved in repairing teeth can be huge, whether directly paid by the patient or by the national health system for hospital admissions. Ironically, this was one of the main reasons for founding Dr Heff’s.  They wanted to create a way to protect peoples’ oral health and was affordable and accessible.  The team at Dr Heff’s have spent months creating new packs for their mints – small enough to be carried with you everywhere (the new packs are about the size of a deck of playing cards) with added convenience of a re-sealable pack.

As Toby summarised, Dr Heff’s wants to offer ‘prevention in your pocket’ so that everyone can take control of their oral health.  Taking a Dr Heff’s mint after every meal will go a long way to achieving this aim.