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We Are A Nation Of Snackers!

This may not come as a huge surprise to you but we are a nation of snackers!

Almost two thirds of UK adults – 65% to be precise – say they regularly snack in between having three ‘normal’ meals a day. This research was conducted by Dr Heff’s during ‘Lockdown 1.0’ in May. Therefore, the results might be skewed to lockdown behaviour. But many of those behaviours will have become norms now. For those living in England, it's back to being virtually back in lockdown anyway. So there’s not much to suggest that the results aren’t a true representation of the current situation.

If you saw the last blog post, you might recall that the same research revealed that 56% of UK consumers said consumption of chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks (including alcohol) had also risen during ‘Lockdown 1.0’.

So our poor teeth are under the kosh, working overtime, around the clock! Luckily our teeth are robust. But like everything else, we need to look after them – to make sure they continue to protect us.

An MOT for our teeth?

Every year, we take our cars to have an annual MOT (if they’re + 3 years old). How about a daily MOT for our teeth? Every time we have a meal, or a snack, we take a Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mint to help repair our teeth from the erosion caused by eating every day foods?

Brushing twice a day is critical. But this only protects us in the mornings and evenings. Our research reveals that 65% of us (about 40 million adults in the UK) eat 3 meals a day AND snack at least once a day.

We do a car MOT to protect our safety on the roads. How about a ‘daily teeth MOT’ to protect our oral health? Why? Because our oral health is directly linked to our overall health.