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What to Do for Sensitive Teeth

Unable to bite into ice cream or sip hot drinks without wincing? You probably have tooth sensitivity.

Before you know what to do for sensitive teeth, you need to know what causes it. The common causes are enamel erosion and gum recession, which trigger the thermal hyperresponsiveness of dentine. Enamel is the tooth’s protective layer, so when it erodes, it exposes the underlying dentine, which contains nerve endings from the pulp. Dentine exposure to extreme temperatures or acidic foods causes a sensitive response. Gum recession slowly exposes the root, which, again, triggers sensitivity. The combination of enamel erosion and gum recession can make your teeth incredibly painful.

So, how can I help sensitive teeth? By booking a dental appointment. 

Your dentist or dental hygienist can seal any exposed dentinal tubules with desensitizing minerals. They can also advise on enamel remineralization and gum protection. Make an appointment and start enjoying your coffee!

Thinking of whitening your teeth? Remember, you must address tooth sensitivity first. Here, you can read about how to prepare for tooth whitening to make the most of your treatment. Dr. Heff's is proven to help remineralize your teeth and prevent gum disease that can cause erosion and recession. Great tasting and here to help - SAVE 10% on Dr. Heff's 5 packs and 10 packs, plus discounts, from Amazon today!

We hope this finds you well and send our best wishes!

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