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Who benefits from taking Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’?

This week, we have begun listing out everyone who would benefit from taking Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ – the oral supplement which reverses tooth decay and gives your mouth, gums and teeth on-the-go protection through the day.

We will share the full list next week (and why everyone benefits) but we thought we’d let you have a sneak peak:

✅‘Young families types’
✅Middle agers inc MAMILS (Middle Aged Man In Lycra)!
✅50 year+
✅New mums
✅Pregnant women/mums to be
✅Cancer patients (during/post treatment)
✅People who consume alcohol
✅Reflux sufferers
✅Military personnel
✅Vulnerable groups
✅Care home residents
✅Overweight or obese

...and many more!  

If you are in one of these groups, you will probably benefit from taking Dr Heff’s ‘Remarkable Mints’ – to protect your oral health, to protect your overall health.

Our mints are: