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Why Should You Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day & What Is Biofilm?

How have you fared with brushing your teeth during lockdown? Have you let some little things slip?

Dr Heff’s conducted consumer research in May 2020 and again in March 2021. Surprisingly, in both research results, 27% of adults brushed their teeth less during lockdown. 77% of people in May 2020 brushed their teeth twice a day, compared with 79% in March 2021. Interesting results. Now that everyone is staying home, has there been a slight improvement in people’s oral health? Are you brushing your teeth twice a day rather than rushing to work in the morning and chewing on some gum on the way to work?

Brushing your teeth twice a day, no more, no less, is extremely important to get rid of the biofilm on your teeth.

Ok, so why do you need to brush your teeth twice a day and what is biofilm?

"Brushing your teeth properly twice a day is a crucial step in removing plaque and harmful biofilm. But excessive brushing (i.e. brushing more than twice a day) damages your teeth through abrasion. This worsens when you eat acidic foods such as fruit, tomatoes, and smoothies. People believe they're brushing to get rid of food debris but, as a consequence, they are also removing important biofilm. Biofilm is a natural layer that covers every area of our mouths and, when healthy, works as a defense barrier. So, by disturbing your biofilm twice a day, you allow the beneficial bacteria to remain and protect your teeth and gums.

There is overwhelming evidence that brushing twice a day (and only twice a day) is best. And we are a scientific evidence based company, so can confidently say that the ideal combination is brushing twice a day, then using our ‘Remarkable Mints’ throughout the day, to remineralise your teeth, reduce harmful bacteria, and neutralise your acids."

Dr Heff's 'Remarkable Mints' are prevention in your pocket.

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