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Why Vitamin D is Important for Children

Vitamin D is essential for children. We get Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight and a healthy diet.

It helps regulate our immune system and the amount of calcium and phosphate in our body, crucial for bones and teeth.

However, many children are deficient in Vitamin D from the reduced exposure to sunlight, particularly in the more northern latitudes of Europe, such as the UK.

So, why is this crucial for developing oral health?

In children, low levels of Vitamin D increase the risk of abnormalities in the formation of teeth and the chances of getting tooth decay. Using Vitamin D supplements has been shown to reduce the risk of childhood decay by almost 50%! That pretty extraordinary! 

The benefits appear to work through the immune system, so having good levels of Vitamin D help with gum health, decreasing inflammation and bleeding in gums.

What to do when you have a summer of predominately grey skies? Eat plenty of eggs, fish, milk, cheese, leafy greens, peas, and mushrooms, which have high levels of Vitamin D. Supplements work wonders as well. Holland and Barrett have a great Vitamin D plus calcium for children. 

Providing a daily Vitamin D supplement, plus a salmon and peas dinner, will give your child an extraordinary boost to their new term!

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Have a great start to the new term and take care, everyone,

Team Heff.