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World Smile Day!

World Smile Day is on the 1st of October - Happy World Smile Day from us all at Dr. Heff's! 

Did you know that a smile is so much more than the universal language of kindness? 

It's our built-in total health companion, stronger and more immediate than any supplement or frame of mind. As soon as we smile, we release a shot of cortisol and endorphins that trigger some amazing health benefits. Including a reduction in your blood pressure, reduced feelings of chronic pain, reduced stress levels, and a strengthened immune system. Impressive, right? Our smile is one of our body's indicators that we are happy, and we know that stress is one of the greatest triggers for disease

We need to smile. In fact, the human brain is wired to smile. A smile activates neurons that trigger a synchronizing feature. So, it's true what they say - smiles really are contagious! Happy, smiling people are shown to be more likable, productive, and wealthy. They tend to have better, more meaningful relationships and longer lives.

With so much to gain, let's all try to smile more often! There is no better time to start than on the first of October, World Smile Day! How would your day improve if you thought of a reason to smile every hour on the hour? 

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Wishing you health and happiness,

Team Heff