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Your Oral Microbiome is Crucial to Your Exercise Routine.

Did you know that your oral microbiome contributes significantly to the outcome of your exercise routine?

Here's how it works:

Human beings consume nitrates from food, like spinach and arugula, or produce them naturally and internally during physical activity. Nitrates act as nutrients for oral bacteria. Then, oral bacteria convert nitrates into nitrite, which your stomach and blood vessels use to increase blood flow to the muscles and reduce blood pressure. Crucial for the physical endurance performance of all athletes, from couch potato to 5k or Olympic level!
However, the sugar-laden energy products many athletes use can negatively change the oral microbiome by increasing the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Also, many energy products can cause tooth erosion. All in all, a compromise in our oral health has broader impacts on our general health than we might initially think. 
But, it's not just energy products; antibacterial mouthwashes such as those with chlorhexidine can negatively affect the balance of the oral microbiota.

“They inhibit the bacteria in the mouth, and it has been observed that when chlorhexidine is used, the positive effects of exercise on blood pressure are drastically reduced,” said Bescós. He goes on to say, “oral microbiota is essential in the cardiovascular response to physical exercise. If the mouth is healthy, the bacteria help to break the nitrates down into nitrites. Otherwise, we lose much of the benefit of exercise.” Raúl Bescós, Ph.D., MSc, professor of physiology at the University of Plymouth, Oral Microbiota Impact Athletic Performance, Dentistry Today.

The best ways to maintain oral microbiota, improve athletic performance and cardiovascular health are to eat more vegetables rich in nitrates. Give your oral microbiome the best possible conditions by using Dr. Heff's Remarkable Mints. Dr. Heff's contain xylitol, green tea extract, and calcium phosphate. Our combination of ingredients has been shown to reduce the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and plaque. This can reduce inflammation in the mouth, remineralize teeth and lead to positive oral health.

And, as we've explained, positive oral health is positive physical health!

I wish you health, speed, and endurance at every stage in your physical journey.

Dr. Mike Heffernan


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