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Green Tooth

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Three Ways to Celebrate and Detox Your Mouth

My approach to detoxing is through celebration, not punishment or hardship. Think of detoxing as the addition of a health […]

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Dry Mouth – Everything You Need to Know, Explained by a Dentist

Reduced saliva, dry mouth, can be caused by a number of factors including age, medications, auto-immune diseases such as Sjogren’s […]

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Woman holding dental tools

Why Minimum Intervention Dentistry Eases Dental Phobia

Minimum Intervention Dentistry, known as MI dentistry, is a holistic approach to oral healthcare and can ease dental phobia. It’s […]

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The Health Hero Project

Dr. Heff’s Health Hero Project interview with Dental Hygienist Amber Ojak, Best Dental Therapist North Winner 2020. Amber, our health […]

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Woman smiling in floral dress

The Effects of Menopause on Oral Health

A change in hormone levels during perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause have a significant effect on oral health. This is because […]

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Toothbrushes in a jar

Health Hero Interview With Dental Hygienist Rochelle Fodi

Rochelle Fodi is a Dental Hygienist who has practiced in a periodontal specialty setting for 40 years – a true health […]

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Strawberry Smoothie

Are Smoothies Actually Healthy?

The short answer is no. The perception that smoothies are a healthy alternative is wrong. In many ways, marketing smoothies […]

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Toothbrushes in glass

Dr. Heff’s Health Hero Project – Dental Hygienist

Dr. Heff’s Health Hero Project interview with award-winning Dental Hygienist Jennie Haywood-Hull. Dental Hygienist, Jennie is a clinical teaching fellow at […]

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Woman in mask and face guard

Covid and Gum Disease

Researching the link between Covid and gum disease shows how integral our oral health is with our overall health. Many […]

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