Three Ways to Celebrate and Detox Your Mouth

My approach to detoxing is through celebration, not punishment or hardship. Think of detoxing as the addition of a health benefit and not as the removal or sacrifice of something. So, in addition to flossing, toothbrushing, and gently brushing your tongue for 30 seconds to detox your mouth, add the following to your daily regime:

Detox Your Mouth With Green Tea.

Swap one coffee or cup of black tea for green tea. Or you can use Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints, which contain the polyphenols of green tea, but whatever you choose, adding green tea to your daily life will massively improve your health. Nature’s perfect antioxidant, full of catechin, proven to reduce inflammation. Plus, green tea helps you manage weight and helps fight periodontal disease by supporting the healthy bacteria in your mouth. Use a teapot, so it feels separate and unique to your normal cuppa.

Plain Water.

Water unsticks and flushes bacteria from your teeth, as well as keeps your whole body lubricated and functioning. But. Groan. I know water should be my best friend and number one health buddy, yet, frankly, plain water, you bore me. You’re a bit like champagne without bubbles. I can’t get that excited about you in drinking form. And if you don’t know what I mean, if you are that rare human who loves drinking plain water, good for you, make sure to be ultra smug about it. As for me, plain water and I have come to the following compromise. 

So, I take an orange, cut it in quarters, and put it on a plate next to the kettle. Boil the kettle and carefully peel the rind of one piece, eat the orange flesh, place the skin in my mug and fill it with water. An orange rind creates minimal acidity (especially compared to a lemon), so your teeth will not feel stripped. The beauty is, when I bring the mug to my mouth, I smell the orange, which makes the water delicious and palatable. The smell is crucial to taste. Do this with all four pieces, and suddenly you’ve had your daily intake of water plus your vitamin C because guess what…

Vitamin C and D.

Increase your intake of these heroes, and all kinds of beautiful things will happen. Including a marked improvement in your oral health and a decrease in bad breath. Why? According to the Oral Health Group,“Vitamin C supports periodontal health through maintenance of gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone, which all supportteeth. This is partly due to the essential role of vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen. 

As for Vitamin D, we are well aware of its role in mood and bone health. Still, PubMed points out, “an emerging hypothesis is that vitamin D may be beneficial for oral health, not only for its direct effect on bone metabolism but also due to its ability to function as an anti-inflammatory agent and stimulate the production of anti-microbial peptides.”

Lastly, I’d also urge you to consider how your mouth is a gateway to health and an indicator of mood. Smile. Please stop and think about what you put into your mouth, as well as what comes out of it. Kind words are as crucial to good health as food or supplements. Kindness is king. Take care, everyone.

Best wishes for 2022 and always,

Gret Heffernan and all of us at Dr. Heff’s

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