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For happy, healthy mouths

Developed by top dentists to repair your teeth on the go

Tried and tested

Our unique sugar-free formula is endorsed
by Toothfriendly International

Refreshing taste

Try the delicious peppermint taste that also combats bad breath

A truly remarkable mint!

Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints are developed by dentists to take care of your teeth 24/7. Their unique, scientifically tested formula repairs your teeth, while you enjoy the refreshing peppermint taste.

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You can order Dr. Heff's Remarkable Mints direct from our website in multiple quantities to suit you or sign up to our subscription and receive them direct to your door. There are approx 30 remarkable mints in every pack. Click below to order them now.
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"DrHeff's mints taste great, minty as one could wish, they leave your mouth feeling healthy, clean and fresh. They write on the instructions don't chew them so as to let the goodness slowly dissolve around your mouth but that's hard because they taste so good!"
James Timms -
"Refreshing, and great to know they are good for my teeth- rather than the mints I used to suck which were definitely not!"
Anne - London, UK
"Minty, fresh and contain no sugar, no preservatives & no artificial colours. Handy, refreshing and taste nice"
F Wright -
"I’m a huge fan of Dr Heff’s mints. They’re the best mints in the world, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. I’m now a huge fan of their new packs which are a) resealable and b) a convenient size for storage in pockets or handbags."
Roger Knowles -

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Are you a dentist, hygienist, or a dental professional? Request a free sample of Dr Heff's 'Remarkable Mints' to try our patented formula and see how they will benefit your patients.